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Crystal Patriarche, BookSparks

“Alphonse was not a light, sweet read. It was a book with character depth, difficult situations, and beautiful prose. It took a little bit for me to get into the story, but once I was immersed in Alphonse's small town and the plot began to unravel, it made for a wonderful, emotional book. I especially loved the postwar setting and Alphonse's commitment to protecting the Sadler family.”
Holly's Little Book Reviews
“This book sticks with you long after the last page. The perseverance and determination demonstrated by the Sadler family, along with Alphonse, was inspiring.”
Tales from a Bookworm
“What an emotional powerhouse. This one was a heavy, but completely satisfying read. If this debut is any indication, I cannot wait for Carl Sever’s next book!”
Jen (Thismomreads), Goodreads
“Such a beautiful cast of characters who teach us about friendship, living, and surviving in a world that is not always perfect. I loved this book.”
Amy, Goodreads
“A wonderful novel, Carl Sever takes you with him to this small town, you become a part of this small family, and experience (again, for some of us) the late 1950's in smallville. This is a first novel for Carl Sever. I hope there will be many more.”
Bonnye Reed, Goodreads
“This is a book that will stay with you after the last page...You feel for the characters, you feel their pain. If you want a book that will have you emotionally vested, this is the book that will do so.”
vnuez-msluv2read, Amazon
“This is a sad and memorable book. [...] I did like the small town setting and [...] I really liked Alphonse as a character and his protectiveness of the Sadler’s family. As I have already mentioned, this book does deal with very heavy themes that may be a trigger for some readers so it may not be for everyone. However, if you like historical fiction then you may want to check out Alphonse by Carl Sever.”
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IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Award) Gold Medal Winner for Best First Book — Fiction

IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Award) Gold Medal Winner for Best First Book — Fiction

Finalist for the Best Book Awards (  /  American Book Fest ) in General Fiction and New Fiction

Finalist for the Best Book Awards ( / American Book Fest) in General Fiction and New Fiction

Proud Finalist in the 6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Award


2017 International Book Award, Fiction: General Category